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Welcome to Great Dane Power Washing and Home Services LLC. We’re a company who stands Tall and Strong behind their work ethic. Family owned and operated. We specialize in preparing homes for sale by beautifying them to help restore their luster for the quick sale of their home. Services offered include: Power washing siding of homes, patios, driveways, cleaning out gutters, tree/shrub trimming and removal, mowing of the yard, weed trimming and clean up. Other services include adding or removal of light fixtures, ceiling fans, outdoor lighting and more. We can make package deals or just a specific task done.

No job too small. We cover areas from Austin TX. to San Marcos TX, and anywhere in between. Starting as low as $25. Getting ready to Sale your Home? Let us come and clean up your property with our pressure washing services and yard maintenance.


Depending on the size of the job we can schedule a free on site consultation or give a rough estimate over the phone or through email. After an estimate is given and we are selected for the job we discuss  the steps we will take to complete the job. These steps will include a timeline, details on how we will complete the job, answer any questions or concerns you may have, offer suggestions then schedule the job to best fit your needs. Our services are listed below

Residential soft or pressure washing

We clean everything! Here is a list of items to give you some ideas of what we can clean but not in its entirety.

  • Roofs- Metal or shingle
  • Home siding- Stucco, Vinyl, hardy plank, limestone, brick, stone and more
  • Concrete surfaces- Patios, sidewalks, pave stones, curbs, entry ways
  • Wood surfaces-Decks, fences, gazebos, lattice and more
  • Pools-Above and in ground pools (interior and exterior walls)
  • Out door furniture, play scapes, bbq pits, cloth awnings

Commercial Properties and Heavy Equipment cleaning

We clean everything! Here is a list of items to give you some ideas of what we can clean but not in its entirety.

  • Apartments- Exterior walls, walk ways, stairs, pool areas including furniture, interior walls of the pool, apartment signs, parking lots
  • Restaurants- Metal roofs,exterior walls, walk ways, drive thru’s, parking lots, curbs, exterior grease traps, garbage can enclosures, signs
  • Hotels- Parking lots, curbs, walk ways, exterior walls including ac drip stains, signs, pool walls, pool areas including pool furniture
  • Commercial buildings- Everyting exterior
  • Tractor trailers
  • Farm tractors and equipment
  • Bobcats
  • commercial parking garages

Epoxy Tech Floor Coatings

We use Epoxy Tech Floor Coating kits to provide you with the decorative concrete look that major business’s, airport hangers, mechanic garages use to provide protection and easy clean up. Our epoxy floors are 5x stronger than paint and 10x the wear resistance as water based. We offer a lifetime guarantee for no chipping or pealing. We epoxy most garage floors, patios, basements, commercial floors and rec-rooms.
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Fence/Deck Staining and Restoration

Wood stain adds a barrier of protection to the wood. This will help prevent sun and all other elements from destroying the wood surfaces at a quicker rate. Without stain, your wood will warp, split, and depreciate at a faster rate. Stain should be reapplied yearly or bi-annually. We also offer other options such as Behr restoration products as well as Sherwin Williams wood and porch enamel. We offer full deck restoration at a price you can afford.
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Residential Pressure washing

Cleaning your property is no easy task. If you don't have the right equipment and experience you may cause damage to your property, waste money and or become frustrated with the results.
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Commercial Power Washing

Our hot water pressure washing trailer uses 4000psi to clean commercial properties, heavy equipment, semi-trailers and more. With the use of hot water and our select chemicals, we can clean some of the toughest stains and or grease. We clean buildings, roofs, parking lots, trash can and grease trap areas, drive troughs, side-walks, curbs, heavy equipment semi-trailers and more.
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